Project Details

Project Short film / 12 mins

Type psychological/Thriller/Horror

Role Writer, producer, director

release date 2015 by Crypt TV

*Premiered at the Berlin Short Film Festival

What if your woke up from sleeping and a masked intruder was standing over you... what would you do?

That's the premise behind "180". But the story has a twist: what if you didn't know if the intruder was real or he was all in your head?

This was the first psychological-thriller short film I wrote, produced and directed.
With 2 months in pre-production, then shooting over the course of 2 18-hour days, and 3 months of post-production, "180" was a challenging in many ways. Creating an engaging story that builds tension and shooting with multiple 4k cameras with a two-person crew was not easy.

I also did the film edit, initial soundmix, credit sequences, and supervised the final soundmix at Clatter&Din in Seattle.