180: Chapter 2

Project Details

Project Short film / 11 mins

Type Action/Thriller/Horror

Role Writer, producer, director

release date 2016 by Crypt TV

Picking up shortly after the events of "180," this short film deals with more action and thrills then psychological behavior.

"180: Chapter 2" centers around our protagonist coming back to the scene of the crime, posing as a "twin sister," so she can grab some hidden cash before leaving the country on the lam. But what she's not prepared for is a nosy neighbor and her two sons ruining her plans.
I had a slightly larger crew then on "180": I had a five-person crew. The challenges on "180: Chapter 2" was getting the sheer amount of shots needed to cover all the action in 2 18-hour days. We used a gimble, DJI Inspire, multiple 4k cameras, a jib arm, etc. We shot day for night in the streets, and spent months color grading the look to give the appearance of night.

I also did the film edit, soundmix, color grading, VFX, and supervised the final soundmix at Clatter&Din in Seattle.