Project Details

Project Short film / 8 mins

Type Action/Thriller/Horror

Role Writer, producer, director

release date Nov 10, 2017 by CRYPT TV

*Hollyshorts Film Fest - Official Selection
*Shriekfest Film Fest - Official selection
*Berlin Flash Film Fest - Official selection
*Chicago Horror Film Fest - Official Selection
*Spotlight Horror Film Awards - Gold Winner
*HIMPFF - Award of Excellence, Horror short
*IHMA - Winner - Best Sound
*IHMA - Nominated - Best Director
*IHMA - Nominated - Best Atmosphere

What if a little girl was kidnapped by her father, taken to a remote cabin, and an FBI SWAT team came to rescue her? We've seen that story a 100 times. But what I like to do is add a little twist to a simple story.

We shot this with a RED 4k camera system, over 2-10-hour days at a rented cabin in North Bend, WA. We had almost 100 set ups to achieve. But luckily we used a gimble for most of the shoot.
I had a five person crew with lots of make up effects, which took around 2 hours to apply each one. The challenges on this were dealing with snow and ice outside, as well as working around the time it would take to apply the make up effects to each actor.

I did the film edit, soundmix, VFX, 3D credit sequences, color grading -- pretty much all the post-production work. I also created the trailer in 10 hours -- the edit, soundmix and titles.