Fashion Tips with
Millie McCall

Project Details

Project In-App videos

Type Cheeky/Fun / 30 secs each

Role Writer, Producer, Director

Since Project Siena (now PowerApps) was going out to customers, my small design team of 4 was tasked with creating apps our customers could and would use in the real world.

Our GM wanted to go out to Macys, so he wanted us to create a clothing app with videos. As the video played in the app, the correlated clothing items would pop up to the right of the video that users could purchase.
I was tasked with writing, producing and directing 5, 30-second videos to play in the app. I was also in charge of managing the budget and schedule as well. After completing the scripts for "Paint the Town," "Pencil Skirts," "Perfect Basics," "Polished Weekend," and "Power Clashing," I reached out to Microsoft Studios and partnered up with a vendor that could help with securing equipment, crew and talent. We also needed to hire a production designer and art directors to dress the set.