Microsoft GigJam

Project Details

Project Microsoft Gigjam

Type Desktop & mobile app

Role Sr. Design Manager

What if a you could remove the artificial boundaries between apps on desktop and mobile devices and divvy up and share just what you want, for only as long as you need? What if you could also share and hide items at anytime, in real time, without worrying about duplicates and security risks?

That was the premise with GigJam. I came on board a second member of the design team, which grew very quickly to close to 15 more designers, motion artsts and UX researchers. I eventually became the Sr. Design Manager and Producer.
As we hit our MVP milestone, we knew we had a product people would use, but we also knew it was imperative to iterate on it. We leveraged our user research data and customer feedback so we could test new designs, ux models and features through our user research team.

The product isn't finished, but it will be interesting to see where more iterations take it in the future.