Working with Damian

Project Details

Project Short film / 7 mins

Type Workplace comedy

Role Writer, producer, director

release date Jun 5, 2017 by Crypt TV

I keep asking myself, "what if?" when it comes to stories. "Working with Damian" stemmed from that question: what if a demon was shamed to purgatory (i.e., working in corporate America) and had his 90-day HR evaluation? And what if he was the tamest of all his co-workers?

The challenges on this one were probably more then you think. We shot this one SAG/AFTRA (enough said). We shot it on a RED 4k camera system, over a 10-hour day, in an office building, with no AC running.
With temperatures reaching 90 degrees, the actor playing "Damian" could only wear the 8-pound silicone mask for 10-minutes at a time.

I also did the film edit, soundmix, color grading and credit sequence.