About Me

Ciao! My name is Tim Earnheart. Welcome to my world.

With two decades of creative leadership and storytelling experience, what really gets me out of bed in the morning is delighting audiences with the unexpected. At the moment, I'm working on a handful of projects as a Sr. Designer within an AI org at Microsoft.

Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to create UI/UX for apps, software products, websites, as well as write, produce and/or direct video projects along the way. I've done all of this when I was at agencies as well as working at Microsoft on designing the UI/UX for Project Siena (now PowerApps) and, most recently, while in Ambient Computing & Robotics working on the UI/UX for GigJam.

I've also been the creative liaison between creative and PM, creative and dev, creative and agencies/vendors. So that's why I consider myself a producer as well. There's huge differences between creating a useful app and a corporate video. Since I have experience in both creative and video production, I understand the different processes and challenges of both. That's why I consider myself a hybrid of sorts: I'm part creative leader, part producer/PM.

But... that's not to say I still don't like designing and being creative. Whether designing UI/UX for products or making corporate videos or short films, I really enjoy it all.

I've produced high quality content and award-winning work for Microsoft, AT&T, Boeing, Dell, Netflix, Warner Bros., and Crypt TV to name a few (yes, I had to name drop).

Before going to Microsoft 10 years ago, I was a creative director at a couple different agencies around the Seattle area, where I managed teams of art directors, UI/UX designers, motion designers, 3D artists and writers.

In the last 6 years I have written, produced and directed 7 short films, receiving a handful of awards -- including Best Director. All of my shorts have played on Eli Roth's (director of "Hostel") and Jason Blum's (producer of "Get Out" and "The Purge" movies) online network, Crypt TV. I've also been represented by agents and managers in Hollywood for filmmaking and had 3 feature screenplays optioned.

If you want to learn more about me, please feel free to get in touch!