Project Details

Project Short film / 17:04 mins

Type Action/Thriller/Horror/Sci-Fi

Role Writer, producer, director

release date March 20, 2020 / Festival circuit

Review: UK Film Review


When I decided to make "Nemesis" I knew it would be a sequel to my previous short films "Ricochet" and "Safe" but I wanted it to be a stand alone short film as well like the others.

This was going to be another building block into the universe I've been creating with this mysterious organization called "The Institute" -- that I'd like to eventually turn into a feature film or a TV series of some sort.


We shot for one day an a local apartment complex that doubled for the ending and conference rooms scenes; another day at an upscale bar in Bellevue, WA; and then three days at the Fremont Foundry -- a converted old power station to an event space.

Once filming was complete, I took on the task of doing all of the editing, VFX shots, sound mixing, color grading, music licensing, marketing material, as well as editing and sound mixing the trailer myself.

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