When I decided to make "Ricochet" I knew it would be a sibling to my previous short film "Safe" -- but on a much bigger scale. Still a home invasion thriller at heart, I wanted more action, more locations and more blood in this one. We shot in two locations for 2 days a piece.

A speakeasy in Seattle doubled for a basement of a house for the first weekend of shooting. Then for the second weekend, we shot for 2 days in a mansion in Sammamish, WA.

We shot with two RED cameras in 4k -- one would always be mounted on a gimbal that we could easily move to an ectoskeleton or to a jib arm. The other camera we could easily move from a dolly to a tripod or to a shoulder mount device.

Once filming was complete, I took on the task of doing all of the editing, sound mixing, color grading, VFX shots, music licensing, creating and designing 6 posters, trailers and all of the marketing materials.

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  • Berlin FFF - Honorable Mention
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