Project Details

Project Short film / 8 mins

Type Thriller/Sci-Fi/Horror

Role Writer, producer, director

release date March 1, 2018 / Festival circuit

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*Shriekfest Film Festival - Best Sci-Fi Short
*Los Angeles Film Awards - Best Thriller
*LA Shorts Awards - Best Horror
*New York Film Awards - Best Director
*New York Film Awards - Best Thriller
*New York Film Awards - Best Horror
*Chicago Horror Film Festival - Best Short
*Chicago Horror Film Festival - Best Music
*Hollywood Hills Film Awards - Best Horror
*Hollywood Film Competition - Best Horror
*Festigious - Best Thriller
*HIMPFF - Best Action/Thriller
*LAIFFA - Best Action/Thriller
*ISA - Best Thriller
*GFFA - Best Thriller
*IHMA - Best Twist
*PIFF - Audience Choice Award
*Amsterdam Filmmaker Festival - Best VFX
*LACHFF - Finalist
*CFIFF - Finalist
*Nevada Film Festival - Gold Reel Award
*Spotlight Horror Film Awards - Gold Award
*Berlin FFF - Outstanding Achievement Award
*Top Shorts - Honorable Mention: Best Narrative
*Los Angeles Cinefest - Semi-Finalist
*Hollywood Horrorfest - Honorable Mention

My goal is to do a short film I haven't done before that might be out of my comfort zone. "Safe" is just that kind of film. It blends elements of a thriller, horror, action and sci-fi. We rented a mansion on Lake Washington for the 3 day shoot. We shot 4k with a RED camera. The real challenge was getting 100 set ups in 3 days.

*Chicago Horror Film Festival - Best Director
*Chicago Horror Film Festival - Best Writer
*Chicago Horror Film Festival - Best Editing
*Amsterdam Filmmaker Festival - Best Director
*Amsterdam Filmmaker Festival - Best Editing
*HorrorHaus Film Festival - Best Editing
*HorrorHaus Film Festival - Best Digital Effects
*HorrorHaus Film Festival - Best Actress
*Hollywood Verge Awards - Best Short
*NOLAHFF - Best Editing
*IHMA - Best Short Film
*IHMA - Best Original Concept
*IHMA - Best VFX
*PIFF - Best Actress
*TMFF - Best Trailer

What was also out of my comfort zone was a very VFX heavy film -- with roughly 60 VFX shots that I had to do on my own. I also did the edit, sound mix, colorgrade, 3D titles by myself as well. I worked around 20 hour days, 7 days a week, for 3 weeks straight until it was complete. I also edited, sound mixed and created the 3D titles for the trailer.

official selections
*Hollyshorts Film Festival
*Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival
*Indie Suspense Horror Sci-Fi Film Festival
*Olympus Film Festival