NEMESIS | Synopsis

NEMESIS is a pulsating thriller about a young woman (“Astrid Patel” played by Esha More) who has just merged her company’s tech start-up with her best friend’s (“Evelyn Kwon” - played by Joy Park) start-up. While out celebrating their success, Astrid learns Evelyn is part of a “hunting club”.

Although Evelyn states it’s exclusive and you need to know someone to get in, Astrid’s interest is piqued and wants in. Evelyn reluctantly gives Astrid an invitation to the club and thus begins Astrid’s descent into a violent game of unimaginable horrors.

Behind all the action, suspense and horrors that occur, NEMESIS poses a simple question to the audience: To what lengths would a wealthy individual go -- and how much money would they spend -- to seek revenge on a wealthy friend that crossed them?

In the vein of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME and THE HUNGER GAMES, NEMESIS blends elements of a thriller, action, horror and sci-fi all into one. It takes viewers on an action-packed rollercoaster ride that will leave them breathless and wanting more.